A solution to static home décor lighting.

Client: Havells

Context: Intelligent décor lighting for upper-middle class Indian homes. 

Duration: 3.5 months (Jan-April '19)


The Challenge

Why is adjustable lighting needed?

Position of light for task based activities.

Glare from front-facing tubelight.

Investment in multiple task lights.

Position of light in relation to furniture.


Form & Design Language


Symmetry, bold, durable materials


Simplified forms resonating natural origins

Consumer Delight

Easy & smooth usage, remarkable contemporary forms

Leadership by Example

smart, clean forms & patterns, energy efficient

Integrity and Transparency

transparency, open, feedback, ease of maintenance

Pursuit of Excellence

quality materials & finish, pleasant light output



Combining ideas_edited.png

Conduction through décor — Detachable light — Magnetic connection — Light points integrated as wall trim

Iteration sketches2.png



Create the perfect lighting environment

• Adjustable position of light through decorative
lighting track