Tarakari Terra

Passive pre-cooler and temporary storage for horticultural farm produce.

Context: Reducing post harvest losses for horticulture; Rural Bengaluru.

Duration: 3.5 months (Jan-April '19)

Pre-Thesis project


The Challenge: Food Loss

Food loss is the “decrease in quantity or quality of food” of all food produced for human consumption but not eaten by humans (FAO, 2014). It takes place majorly along the supply chain.


In India, the main causes of food loss are:

Multiple Intermediaries & Handling

Absence of Reliable Market Information

Sub-standard Technology & Techniques

Transport Inefficiencies


The initial brief framed was to design a sustainable solution, in the form of a product and system, to prevent the loss of horticultural produced its impact on the environment and people, caused by inefficiencies in farm operations in Rural Bengaluru.


Types of Damage to Horticultural Produce


Why Pre-cooling?

Pre cooling refers to the removal of field heat, shortly after the harvest of a crop. Field heat must be removed as soon as possible, as the longer that produce stays at a higher temperature, the more will its shelf life reduce.

Slows Deterioration of Produce

Better Quality = Better Profits

Reduces Loss for Farmer

Reduces Loss Along the Food Chain


Through more research into the context, the brief was then made more specific: "Explore material and methods to design a pre-cooling method for certain types of fruits and vegetables to be used by farmers in Rural Bengaluru."




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