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Cardboard Rocker chair

Origami Works

A collection of origami, the art of paper folding.

Arduino Music Machine 2.0

Arduino Music Machine

Pulley 2.0

Traditional block and tackle pulleys are sold in fixed sets. What if you want to add/remove one extra pulley to the pulley system? Typically you'd have to buy another set of pulleys and rethread the pulley system.

The Pulley 2.0 is a versatile pulley that can be attached to other such pulleys to form any simple/ compound pulley system that's needed.

Carver's Toolbox

Built from a block of Sal wood. Carved with chisels and a Dremel.

Hand-formed Earthenware

Pottery inspired by the Yixing method of Chinese pottery. This method involves cutting out an even strip of clay, forming it into a cylindrical shape and beating the two ends with a paddle so it curves into an ellipsoid form.