without a Bang!



Adobe Illustrator

Packaging Design

Technical Drawing

Mock-up & Prototyping

Planning & Decision Making

Ideation & Conceptualisation

Research (Market, Secondary)

Experimentation & Exploration

CAD (Fusion 360º, AutoCAD)

Studying User Behaviour & Ergonomics

Material Handling (SS: Laser Cutting+Bending)

Damage-free, hassle-free hanging for picture frames.





home improvement, Do-It-Yourself, sustainable design

2+4 weeks (

Homes, rented exhibition/gallery spaces


To solve the problem of damage to a vertical surface when binding/ hanging/attaching an object(s) onto it.

Hanging picture frames, clocks, paintings, etc. can be problematic and time consuming, especially in rented spaces.

Phase 01 (Sprint)

First Concept

Various hanging inserts are hooked onto the required sized piece of Geckskin®/mechanical adhesive.

Phase 02 (Detailing)

User & Ergonomic Study

  • How are objects hung?

  • How are objects taken off?

  • How are objects used while hung?

Mapping out the various gestures and postures used during hanging/taking off and utilisation of a hung object.

Geckskin®, A Mechanical Adhesive

Geckskin® works on the principle of Van Der Waal’s force, forming a mechanical bond with the surface onto which it is pressed. There is no chemical adhesive or glue that is used.


piece of 2”x2” can hold up to 0.45kg of weight. GriphookTM, a product developed using Geckskin®, can be cleaned and repositioned upto 2 times.

Form Exploration, Ideation, Mock-ups, Experiments

Prototype + Packaging


The hook and hanger are to be made of stainless steel for strength and a premium quality look.

The DIY kit comes in packs of 2 and 3. Packaging contains instructions and necessary implemets.